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Bear Recipes



Barbecued Bear Bear Chops Bear Pot Roast Bear Roast
Bear Sausage Bear Stew Bear Meat Loaf Roasted Bear
Bear Steaks with Greek Seasonings Bear Stew  l'Espagnole Mohawk Marinated Bear Steak Hunting Camp Bear Casserole


Bear should be prepared properly or your first meal will undoubtedly be your last. These recipes are proven and come from a friend who is an old timer. For eating purposes we choose a fall kill rather than a spring as the spring bear is quite often parasitic from it's long winter nap. When roasting you should always cook on rack about 2 inches above bottom of pan as bear is quite greasy. Always place about one inch of water in bottom of pan. A most important feature is the marinade, so here goes.

Wild time Bear Marinade - Outdoor living